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Pastor’s Newsletter Article

This is the latest of the articles Pastor Richert writes for the monthly church newsletter.

A Spiritual Pandemic

The last several months our lives have been disrupted by a global pandemic. We have had to live with a threat of disease and death that has spread fear and panic throughout our country. Now on top of the health pandemic, we have been hit with a cultural pandemic. Protesting and rioting over social injustices is spreading across the country. It seems like our society is falling apart.

The truth is that these medical and cultural pandemics are really parts of a spiritual pandemic. God is trying to get our attention. Tony Evans said in an interview on Fox News that the real problem in our country is God. He referenced God’s dealing with His rebellious nation Israel. 2 Chron. 15:4, “Nation was crushed by nation, and city by city, for God troubled them with every kind of distress.” God was trying to get His people’s attention so they would turn back to Him. Evans stated, “If God is your problem, it doesn’t matter what programs you come up with, because only God is your solution.”

God has clearly spoken in His Word about the issues of classism, racism, politics, empathy, compassion and freedom that our country is struggling with. The solution to the spiritual pandemic is returning to the truth of God’s Word. Sometimes God allows chaos in order to motivate His people to cry out to Him for help. Let’s cry out to God for help in dealing with the spiritual pandemic our country is facing. We need God to change the hearts of the leaders and the citizens of our country to apply God’s truth to the issues that threaten us.

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